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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the domains originally listed?
The domains are listed on the forums,,,,, and We Got Domain brings many domains from those forums, gathers new information such as Creation Date, Expiration Date and Pagerank, and presents them in a searchable format.
How do I buy a domain listed on
Click on the link in the 'Buy Domain' column. You will be taken to the domain sale thread where you can either post your bid or contact the seller directly.
How come the price listed is missing/incorrect?
Many domains are sold by auction and a starting price is not listed. Prices are also listed many different ways in sales threads, so sometimes the wrong price is listed.
A domain has been listed on but it is not for sale in the sale thread
All care has been taken to only list domains that are are actually for sale, however due to the free-form nature of sales threads sometimes domains are incorrectly listed. If you find a domain listed that is not actually for sale, please report it.
What is the advantage to the domain seller being listed on WeGotDomain?
Your domain sale will reach a wider audience. Also, we do not try and cut the forum out, by making sure the sale is still fully conducted within the forum.
How long are domains listed for?
Domains are generally only listed if their sales thread is counted as 'active' in the original forum. A sales thread is current if there has been a comment on the thread in the last 24-48 hours. Once the thread is no longer being commented on it is removed from the searchable index. Like the original sales thread, however, it still may be possible to find details of the domain through a '' search on google.
I would prefer it if my site was not listed
Some people prefer their domain sales to not turn up in search engines, and insert spaces into the domain name. This will stop the domain appearing in
Why is the Pagerank listed as '-1'?
A value of '-1' indicates that the domain has not had a PageRank assigned to it (looks like a grey bar in the Google Toolbar).
Why are only the Yahoo Backlinks listed?
Google shows only a small percentage of the backlinks to a domain, while Yahoo shows much more.
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